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I love it when my kids invent some cool stuff - like yesterday when they wanted to create a marble run on their own.

Some cutting and some duct tapping later we had our first homemade marble run!

PS: all work (inventing, cutting, ducttaping and beta-testing) was done by my two sons (age 5 & 7!)

Step 1: Creativity - Duct Tape - Cutting

The big fun is to be creative. Invent new stuff or try it: just cut some cardboard, bend it and ducttape it. Then give it a test run and build the next thing.

... and this is just the beginning. The boys are already thinking about seesaws, canon-like features and other cool things.

What you need:

  • cardboard
  • ducttape
  • a knive and a scissor
  • a marble for the test-runs



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    1 year ago

    this is awesome