Marble Stones



It's a cheap and fast DIY Decor! If you live near at the beach, grab some stones (with light colors), and well I did it with nail polish, I haven't tried it with another paints but I think it works, anyways.

So what are you going to need:

1 bowl with lukewarm watter

Stones (as many as you want)

At least 2 nail polishes (or paint*)

and toothpicks!!!

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Step 1: Step 1

You can drop a little quantity of your nail polish, do it closely to the watter, and then repeat one over the other.

But this step belongs to your imagination. You can do whatever you want. :)

Step 2: Step 2

Take your stone now with the side you want to be ''painted' faced to the design you did in the water,

put it a little more down from the surface of the water and you must slowly turn it from the other side in a wide angle BUT BEFORE YOU'LL TAKE IT OUT OF THE WATER, with the toothpick clear the nail polish that is spread around in the water, and you're done. Let it dry.

I really hope to understand my instructions !!!! I am not an english native speaker.

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