Marbleizing Christmas Ornaments


Introduction: Marbleizing Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are beautiful to hang on a tree with the lights reflecting behind them.  No two turn out the same and they take about 5 - 7 days to complete.  Different paints are splattered, swirled and poured in different directions to create a one of a kind ornament.



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    So lovely! Please do a tutorial please-please-please. I also want to marbleize an ornament to put on a small pedestal in a miniature garden of potted plants, and it would be like a gazing globe.

    They are quite beautiful. I tried to make similar marbled globes but they were nowhere near as nice as yours so it would be great if you could provide a few more details - how much of the 5 - 7 days is drying time? What paint and varnish do you use?