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Introduction: Marc Jacobs Inspired Earrings

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I saw the this Marc Jacobs handbag while flipping through a magazine and loved the details of it. I thought the pearls on the safety pins would make a cool pair earrings. I looked on their website to see if they had an earring in this style, they did. The price point was a little high for an item I may use once for a photo shoot, so I figured I could make an inspired pair with items already in my crafting supplies.

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Step 1: Materials

2 Fish hook earring posts

2 Safety pins

2 Jump rings

Pearl beads - I used 6 mm and 8 mm

Jewelry pliers

Step 2: Placing the Pearls

Open the safety pin and place the pearls to your liking. Make sure to leave enough space to close the safety pin.

Step 3: Building the Earring

Open a jump ring and place the safety pin and earring post in it. Close the jump ring.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Earrings!

That's it!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Such a nice, simple idea - thanks for posting this! I have a lot of earring hooks and beads, and I've been looking for good ways to use them.


    3 years ago

    This is so cool. I'm going to make this.. Thanks!


    3 years ago

    I saw the price too, $95 for a safety pin with faux breads...

    Very neat idea and instructable.


    Reply 3 years ago