Marceline's Axe Guitar




This is a great project for all Adventure Time lovers!
Do you want to be a Adventure Time character but don't know who to be? Well, after looking at some other costumes I decided the Marceline costumes were the best, plus she's the best! This is a super easy project!

Step 1: Materials

1. Black duct tape ( really doesn't matter which type)
2. Red construction paper (about 3 to 4 pieces)
3. Black marker
4. Card board (as much as you can get!)
5. Tape
6. Chopsticks (optional)

Step 2: The Body

Start out by cutting out some cardboard in the shape of an axe head. So now you have the body, then tape your construction paper over it.

Step 3: Neck

Mostly the neck is just duct tape and cardboard but if you want it to make it stronger use a few chopsticks UNDER the duct tape. Cut out a long rectangle and remember! If you want to make it stronger put chopsticks on it before you wrap it with duct tape.

Step 4: Head

Cut out a rectangle LIKE shape (head). And six mushroom things (pegs). Wrap the head in your red construction paper and then use your hot glue gun to attach your pegs to it.



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