Fire Donald Trump Gag

Not a fan of President Trump? Wish you could fire him? Well you can't -- at least not until 2020! But you can make a statement using your First Amendment right to Free Speech and send him a Pink Slip -- you know, those joyful little notices that rock your very foundation! And I'm about to tell you how!

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Step 1: Download the PDF

Just download the PDF "PinkSlipToPresTrump02.pdf" (it prints two
2-sided postcards like shown in the intro). Be sure to save it where you can find it again.

Step 2: Pretty in Pink

What we're going to print is a postcard. The USPS has some rules about postcards:

  • The width has to be between 5" and 6"
  • The Height must be between 3 1/2" and 4 1/4"
  • The thickness must be between 0.007" and 0.016" (that's 7mills and 16mils)

The postcard you're about to print has a black border. It will help you cut the card to a size that meets USPS regulations.

Most stationary stores have what is called "card stock". 65lb is a good choice (that's around 0.0095"). You can get 65lb Pink Card Stock at Amazon at the following address:

Step 3: Print It!

  1. Open the PDF and then, on a piece of card stock, use a pencil and make a mark on the paper close to the edge (so the mark doesn't end up in the middle of the stuff you're about to print).
  2. Load the sheet of card stock, that you just marked, into the printer. Remember where the mark is in relation to the printer.
  3. Print Page 1 of the PDF (and only Page 1).
  4. Take the page you just printed, and find the mark you made, then place the piece of paper in the printer so it is up-side-down, based on the mark. The idea here is we are going to print "Page 2" on the back of that piece of paper.
  5. Print Page 2 of the PDF (and only Page 2).
  6. Or, if your printer can do two sided printing on card stock, then just do that!

Step 4: Cut It Out

First, hold the printed page up to a light and check to see that the two images are lined up fairly well. It probably won't be perfect (unless you have one awesome printer!), but as long as they are reasonably well aligned, it should be fine. If not, try printing it again. If your printer requires you to feed card stock into an external chute (like mine), the it might help to actually hold the guides as the paper is fed in.

The black border around the card should be close to 5 3/4" x 4". That provides a bit of wiggle room (approx. 1/4"). You can cut around the outside of the border, on the border, or just inside the border. It's up to you. Just be sure to measure the thing to make sure it is at least 3 1/2" x 5" and not larger than 4 1/4" x 6".

Step 5: Fill It Out and Send It!

  • Write your reasons for Mock Terminating the Trumpster.
  • Enter some bogus information for Ident. No., Date, Sex, etc.
  • Slap a Postcard Stamp on the thing.
  • Drop it in the mail!
  • Get ready to laugh your ascot off!

FYI: the Trumpster's Potus website [] encourages you to either type your letters to him, or if handwritten, write real legible -- 'cuz reading, for him, is not a strong suit.



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