Marching Band Barbie

Introduction: Marching Band Barbie

I made this outfit in honor of the much mocked yet band geek-adored sport that is marching band. Besides, I like coming up with my own projects, and doll clothes was becoming a new area of exploration for me. The hat is made from toliet paper tube, a plastic coated twist-tie (comes with electronics), a thick pipe cleaner, and star stickers. The pants and jacket are handmade from cloth. Sash is two ribbons sewn together and a metal snap closure. Shoes are painted black. Gauntlets are made from black leather scraps, and black gloves are handmade.

It's too bad that Barbie's hair does not meet regulation and her shoes lack rolled-heel technology.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    That's going to be difficult because of her molded arms. Hmm.. maybe snare? I might just have to make an instrument now!