Mariah's Delicious Spaghetti

Introduction: Mariah's Delicious Spaghetti

This is recipe that I have mastered in the kitchen as a first time cook. It is a very simple, tasty, quick and fast meal that is oh so good. This spaghetti dish will leave you feeling stuffed and ready for more later ;) When in doubt make this delicious spaghetti that you and your family will love!


1 lb. of ground beef

1 pack of beef hot links

2 packs of thin spaghetti noodles

2 jars of any sauce (your choice!)

parmesan cheese for the topping


Large pot

Large pan


Cutting board



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Step 1: Brown the Ground Beef

Turn your stove top on med-high heat and put the pan on to warm up

Next, put the whole pack of ground beef into the pan and break up the meat so that it separated into little pieces

Brown the meat (it takes about 10 min) so there is no pink

Step 2: Drain the Ground Beef

Drain the grease in the colander and ensure there is no left over grease

Then pour the drained beef back into its original pan and cover, turn down heat to low-medium

Step 3: Cut the Beef Hot Links and Brown Them

Cut all hot links into half inch rounds

After every link is cut add them to the meat in the pan

Turn the heat back up to medium and stir both hot links and ground beef together

Step 4: Pour Both Jars of Sauce Into the Pan

Add both jars of sauce into the pan and stir

Cover the pan with the lid that fits your pan

Frequently stir the sauce (meaning every two min)

The sauce will be complete when it starts to simmer

Step 5: Cook the Noodles

Fill up the pot 3/4 of water

Turn heat up to high to allow the water to boil

Once the water is at a boil add both packs of noodles

For authentic "al dente" noodles, boil for 6 min, stirring occasionally. For more tender noodles boil an additional min or two

For other authentic options you can follow this video for instructions on how to make homemade pasta noodles!

Step 6: Drain the Noodles

Drain well and cool the noodles (optional)

If you choose to cool the noodles rinse with cool water and re-drain the noodles

Step 7: Serve Your Spaghetti

Make your plate and enjoy!

Congratulations you just made your first spaghetti dinner

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like an excellent plate of spaghetti! Thanks for sharing your recipe!