Marie Antoinette Headless Ho

Introduction: Marie Antoinette Headless Ho

Headless body holding marie antoinette's head in basket

I spent 4 months making this by hand

I bought a graduation grown, but needed it longer. So I bought extra fabric and added in. He's tall so its gets attension ( appox. 7 ft )

Than I purchased a used backpack with roller handle - I took off wheels and used the handle to  built up fake shoulders made out of white stuffing - duct taped around handle

stuffed arms with same ( kept in plastic bag packing and used duct tape to tighten down size)

Bought a basket cut out the back so head would fit in ( padded sides to protect scratching face)

Bought skeleton hands and spent hours stuffing newpaper down into fingers and hand to make firm. Had to sew hands to basket cause glue wouldnt hold them.
added red string stuffing and red glowsticks under string to light up basket.

Did hair and makeup- classic Rave old school hairspray for max hold- white face paint, with grey and black shading, plus blood.

To put on I just opened buttons and slide into my backpack straps which held my headless body. Arms move up to slide under and head slides into basket.

I wish I would have taken pictures while making  this- next year!!

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