Marinated Cucumbers and Tomatoes




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Growing up in the backwoods of West Virginia, this dish was a staple of reunions in the "Hollar." A refreshingly crisp dish perfect for a noontime meal. It's extremely healthy and helpful in rehydration.

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Step 1: Supplies

There aren't many ingredients in this so it's super simple to make.

3 medium sized cucumbers(or 1 and a half large ones)
3 tomatoes
White distilled vinegar
1 medium sized red onion

Large bowl with lid(or cling wrap)
Paring knife
Cutting board
1 cup measuring cup
1/3 cup measuring cup
Chef knife(optional)

Step 2: Fruit Ninja IRL *Veggie Edition

Wash the cucumbers and tomatoes.

Stem the tomatoes, cut the bottoms and any bad spots off. First half, then half, then half the tomatoes again. So your left with 8 wedges of tomato. Add them to your bowl.

Slice the ends off the cucumbers(I'm not really sure if it's true but my aunt always used to say you slice into a cucumber until you hit the seeds because it the ends don't absorb the marinade as well). So it may take a few tries to find the right spot. Then slice the cucumbers in 1/4" all the way down the length. Add them to your bowl as well.

Step 3: Baby, Don't Make Me Cry

My absolute least favorite part of making this is slicing the onion. Not because it's difficult, I'm just a wimp. I also like to wear gloves and use a bigger knife for this part, but neither is necessary.

Cut the ends off the onion and husk the outer dried layers off.

Next slice the whole onion in 1/4" slices.

Separate into rings and dispose of the middles.

Add to your bowl.

Step 4: Then There Was Science...

Measure out 3 cups of the White Distilled Vinegar, add to your bowl.

Measure out 3 cups of water and add to the bowl also.

Add 1/3 cup of oil.


After everything is mixed thoroughly, I like to make sure all the cucumbers and tomatoes are submerged or at least in the marinade. 

Step 5: And Now to Chill

Cover your bowl with either a lid or cling wrap and refrigerate to taste. I say that because some people like it in as little as two hours afterwards, but my roommate likes it after 24 hours. Start with 6 or overnight and taste it. I usually serve as a side with lunch meat sandwiches. 


Side note: This will feed 6-8, or 1 with a serious veggie habit.

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8 Discussions


3 years ago

l love this salad. I could make a meal out of it. I add just a little sugar to my recipe.
Love this stuff!

Uncle Kudzu

5 years ago

This sounds so good! I have tomatoes and cukes in the garden right now - I'm gonna try this. Wonder what some fresh lime juice would do for it?


Putting the onion in the fridge can help cut down on the tears. A friend uses a similar recipe with red wine vinegar, and a bit of dill. This looks great !


5 years ago

In summer I like this very much. From Italy.


5 years ago

My Dad wanted this everyday after work, with his beer, all summer long! I put a few hard boiled eggs in mine, after a couple days the shell is gone and makes a welcome appetizer before dinner.

1 reply

I've never seen it with eggs in it before but I can believe it'd eat thru the shell lol. This stuffs potent.. But my friend absolutely loves it. He just sits with a fork and eats out of the bowl, so I get the picture of your dad always wanting it. Food transcends time :)


Not really, least not as I know a Greek salad. Greek salads aren't marinated and usually have peppers, lettuce, and feta cheese. It's similar though, you use olive oil and vinegar as a dressing on them.