Mario Automaton

Introduction: Mario Automaton

Everyone's favourite plumber is sure to be popular in most household. So here is how to make a Mario automaton.

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Step 1: Credits

The templates have all come from MAKE: Craft

Step 2: Materials & Tools

Paper card



Stanley Knife




Step 3: Step 1:

Print Templates:

Step 4: Step 2:

Glue the templates on thicker paper:

Step 5: Step 3:

Using a hobby knife, cut the templates out:

Step 6: Step 4:

Fold the net as shown:

Step 7: Step 5:

Cut out the next cube-net and fold as shown:

Step 8: Step 6:

Cut out white bits

Step 9: Step 7:

Cut out the large cylinder net and roll and glue it.

Step 10: Step 8:

Cut out the 2 red spirals and glue them together like so:

Step 11: Step 9:

Cut out the 2 red spirals and glue them together like so:

Step 12: Step 10:

Insert cylinder in to cube and attach red cam.

Step 13: Step 11

Insert triangular pole with character in to cube.

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