Mario Brother Inspired LUMA Pillows! Easy Gift for Kids to Give!




Introduction: Mario Brother Inspired LUMA Pillows! Easy Gift for Kids to Give!

About: Hi! My name is Natalie! I have an awesome husband that lets me be a Play-at-home mom of 3! We homeschool and do projects daily! Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more awesomeness!

We love Super Mario Brothers!
I am an old-school Nintendo girl.
I loved bringing guys over to my house when I was
in high school...and totally kicking their butts on
games like Mario Brothers 3, Contra, and Zelda.

So, by nature, my kids love Nintendo too!
We love Super Mario Galaxy.
And we love these chubby stars called Luma's.

Last December my 9 year old son wanted to give his brother and sister something fun for Christmas.  I had scraps of fleece in the sewing box and some stuffing...the perfect gift was born...and it was FREE!

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Step 1: The Beginning...

To begin, we played a little Super Mario Galaxy!

I had my son draw a sketch of what a Luma looks like.
I drew it to fit a regular letter sized paper and cut it out.  I made sure the arms and legs were symmetrical--and there was a cute little curl on it's head!

We cut it a half inch larger than the pattern, all the way around. 
I pinned the fleece together, right sides together and did the stitching on the sewing machine.  Leaving a 3 inch hold on the stars side.   We made 4!  A yellow, 2 blue and a snowflake pink!

Step 2: Stuffings!

I had my son turn the star right side out.  I helped with that little swirl on the head, just to make sure it was crisp!
Then he stuffed them full of cotton poly stuffing!  This was his favorite part!

Step 3: Stitching!

Once that little guy was stuffed, I had my son hand sew up his side!  He did a great job, and this made him feel supreme ownership of the project!

Step 4: Blind Little Stars!

They turned out perfect!  But they need little eyes!

Step 5: Felt Oval Eyes!

We cut ovals out of black and white felt and glued them on with Liquid Stitch!
Let them dry overnight and then wrapped them up!

They were the perfect Christmas gift!  :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    They are so cute! Definitely going on my list for pressies!