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A Mario inspired clip-on LED desk lamp! A simple lamp made from simple materials (perler beads, LED desk lamp, hot glue, etc). You to can have the power-up you know and love illuminate your craft areas!

Step 1:

You will need an image of a Fireflower, wax paper, a large perler board and large bucket of perler beads, lastly you will need an iron. Layout the Fireflower head and leaves in a style you like (I went with a more modern look). Carefully place your wax paper over the layout and iron, fusing all the beads together.

Step 2:

Carefully take the finished and still hot head piece and place in a greased metal or other oven safe bowl. If it's still flexible press it into the bowl a bit. Put in the oven at about 350 untill it starts to soften into the shape of the bowl. Mine took about 10-15 mins (very old oven). With mitts remove from oven, press it into the bowl further if necessary(with mitts on!). Now let cool for the next step.

Step 3:

You'll need a small clear plastic cup and hot glue. With the cup bottom side up coat the entire bottom with hot glue. Place your now rounded flower head on the glue covered cup bottom. Now let it set.

Step 4:

In this step you'll be taking apart your lamp head. I found the perfect green, flexible, clip-on LED desk lamp at Lowes for $11. Take off the plastic cover off the LEDs by unscrewing the 2 screws. This will allow for a brighter light. Put hot glue all along the outer edge of the lamp. Lastly place your Fireflower head with attached cup on the lamp securely in the glue and hold untill set.

Step 5:

For the last step just hot glue the leaves on the stem. I heated the mid section of the leaves to bend it around the stem and hot glued it but, you could glue it as is. That's it! You've done it, pat yourself on the back and light that flower up! Everybody that claims to be a retro gamer should have one of these and probably a 1up Mushroom tattoo on them somewhere :-)



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    5 years ago

    Well thanks, glad I could help!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    omg I love love love this!!! I feel like I could actually make this. Thanks for the boost in motivation! lol (i'm all thumbs when it comes to making stuff) ;)