Mario Kart Wii Guide by Fishfrog27 Part 5




About: Hi! Im the fishfrog and I like making guns from knex, and playing my wii. I fight the one man war against ps3 cause i hate it.... I've got Mario kart wii(and ds),ssbb,Call of duty 4, world at war, Black ops,...

Intro: Mario Kart Wii Guide by Fishfrog27 Part 5

My favourite cup by far. This is the star cup with most the glitches, tips etc.

Step 1: Daisy Circuit.

3 things to know about this course....

Step 2: Koopa Cape.

Cool shortcuts but most effective with boost.

Step 3: Maple Treeway.

My favourite course. Cool shortcut at start.

Step 4: Grumble Volcano.

Boy is there 2 great glitches here!

Step 5: Thank You

Thanks for viewing part 5!!! Be sure to check out part 6!!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    wow, i never thought someone would stretch one instructable into five even if it meant 32 steps on one iboles, im going to preform the longest step ible soon

    8 replies

    im going to make an instructable index soon, you want in? it just features all the instructables you made without searching it


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Couldnt you just have edited the first instructable instead of having the seperate ones?