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Introduction: Mario Warp Pipe Pencil Holder

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I LOVE video games. I always have, Im not the best but im also not the worst. Mario has always been a favorite of mine and I needed a pencil holder for my desk. So i decided to make one look like a warp pipe form the Mario games.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

2" pvc pipe

2" couplings

2" test end caps

pvc glue


Step 2: Cutting the Pvc

This project is super easy and cheap!

I used my miter saw to cut the pvc pipe to length. This could be done with a hand saw and you would propably get nicer edges.

The couplings are dangerous to cut on the miter saw. So i stuck it on the end of the pvc and either cut it flush to the pipe or left a bit of a gap.

Watch your fingers!

Step 3: Gluing the Pieces Together

I used black pvc glue since i bought black pvc. My intention was to leave the inside black but then decided to paint the inside.

I spray painted the test caps black and covered them with the black glue.

Then I used a small amount of glue to attach the end cap to the pvc tube.

Once that was dry I then attached the coupling to the pipe with the glue and flushed them up by pushing them together on my work surface.

Step 4: Painting

I used rustoleum spray paint for this.

It has been a little cold in LA recently so I had some runny painted pvc pipe that took forever to dry.

make sure to spray in light coats.

Step 5: Enjoy Your New Pencil Holder!

These came out looking pretty cool. I am going to make some more in the summer when its warmer so I get a better finish. Let me know in the comments if you liked this project or if you made one.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice project, but why not use white pipe?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I got black because I was originally gonna keep the inside black. But i ended up painting it. So i should have gotten white from the get go.