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My son likes to play with the 1" tall Super Mario Bros. figurines.  He makes little levels on the living room furniture with books and whatnot.  I thought it would be nice to give him some question blocks, and brick blocks to play with.  These are cheap and quick.

1 1/2" wood blocks (34)
Spray Paint (yellow, brown, black)

Paint Brush

Total Cost:
$20 - $40 depending on what type of paint you get

Step 1: Question Blocks

I started with some 1 1/2" wood blocks from a local craft store and sanded the corners down a little.  Next I spray painted them yellow.

After the yellow paint dried I created some quick hand drawn stencils out of a file folder.  One at time I layed the stencil over a side of the block and hit it with a few squirts of brownish spray paint.

Granted they aren't works of art, but they'll get the job done.  I'm sure my son will play with these until they wear out.

Step 2: Brick Blocks

Next I took the wood blocks I had left and painted them brownish.

After the brown paint dried I made a quick stencil that would make the horizontal mortar lines on the brick blocks.  I hit the blocks with a quick blast of black spray paint.  I sprayed a side, let it dry, turned the blocks, and sprayed the next side....and so forth.

When all of the horizontal lines dried I sprayed some paint into a dixie cup and hand painted the vertical mortar lines and touched up the horizontal lines.

Step 3: Enjoy!

I know, the block colors aren't all that accurate to the game, but they are close enough and my son doesn't seem to care.  All of the paint colors that I used were ones that I already had in my garage so this project cost me about $10 for just the wood.



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    3 years ago

    would be awesome for an amiibo stand