Marionette Puppet Costume



Intro: Marionette Puppet Costume

This marionette puppet costume was made with a bavarian bar maid pattern but you could use any outfit.  Under the top I wore a Camelback water bottle backpack.  Inside we placed PVC piping the make the handles on top.  Then simple paint stir sticks were bolted to the top.  Attach string to the ends of the paint sticks and attach one to the head, one through each gloved hand, and then i simply tucked the long ones in my shoes.  Just make sure the strings are long enough to move freely but not so long they get in the way (takes a little fiddling).  The great part is the PVC piping simply slips out to free yourself from the strings if you want to take a break.  For makeup i tried to do dark doll like makeup and with eyeliner I drew the lines where a puppets joints might be, chin, elbows and knees.



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