Mark 1




Introduction: Mark 1


The objective is to build the Mark 1 which is a snow sled for children under a 100

pounds. Once the customer follows the six steps listed below they will have a functional



Read all instructions before using the Mark 1. The sled should be built with adult

supervision. To ensure proper performance follow the instructions. The Mark 1 is to be

used by people weighing less than 100 pounds.

Sledding Safety:

Like any sport, sledding can be dangerous and caution must be taken. The sled

is to be used on a snow covered slope free of trees or an other dangerous objects that

may cause harm to a sledder. Make sure the sledder does not have any loose clothing

that could get caught in the sled and cause harm. Wearing a helmet is recommended

when sledding.

It would be impossible for our company to anticipate every situation that may occur

when sledding. Therefore, this manual makes no representation about the safety of the

sledding. Please use caution when sledding.


If you have any questions on building or about riding the sled please contact us

by email ( or by phone (1­800­sle­drus). If you have any questions

about building Mark 1 or need additional parts, please visit our website at or by phone (1­800­sle­drus).

Step 1:

Open the box and make sure the following parts are all in the package: 8 bolts, 2

runners, an allen wrench, 2 top plates, and a four foot rope

Step 2:

Line the two Runners parallel to each other with the curved end facing up and on the same side.

Step 3:

Place the two top plates on the runners so the holes line up with those on the runners

and put the one with two hole on the front near the curved ends of the runners.

Step 4:

Thread the bolts through the wood plates and into the threaded holes in the metal


Step 5:

Take the rope and thread both ends through the holes in the front and make a knot on

the underside of the plate therefore not allowing it to move and forming the raines of the sled.

Step 6:

Take your Mark 1 sled to the top of a hill on a snowy day and ride it down to the bottom.

Step 7: Warranty:

Sledrus warrants all parts of the Mark 1 if used properly for one year from date of

purchase for the original owner. Improper use of Mark 1 will cancel the warranty.

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    4 years ago

    We need to get a sled before winter comes this year! That looks like it's easy to put together. :)