Mark Your Tools and Make Them Look Great!




Introduction: Mark Your Tools and Make Them Look Great!

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It's always been a challenge at worksites to know which tools are mine and which are other people's I've been known in the past to just spray paint my tools a particular color but that's maybe a little inelegant. This is a way to make your tools look good and keep track of which ones are yours!

Step 1: Materials

It's pretty simple. This is all you need.
Paint pen

Step 2: Paint Like an Impressionist

Find the areas on your tools that are recessed. These spots are great for holding on to paint. Slather these areas in paint. It doesn't have to be perfect

Step 3: Sand Off the Paint

Miraculously the paint will stay in the crannies. This is good.

Step 4: TADA!

You can obviously be a little more subtle with this but it is a pretty great way to mark your tools. Now your coworker Cletus will know when he steals your tools to return them. A tip I learned from a friend who works on big overseas jobs. Paint your tools pink. Not many dudes want pink tools laying about. Which keeps their dirty fingers off of yours!

Happy wrenching!



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    haha for the pink tip , i did mine and never lost one :-)


    2 years ago

    Thanks Texdanl, I learned it from a machinist!

    I am a Machinist. I did this with an awful purple nail polish that my wife bought and hated. I did all of my tools and instruments and then a swath on my tool box. It has lasted for 25 years and is still on them and ugly. I kept the bottle and the one time a thief got caught and tried to say that my mark was just faded paint I produced the bottle. Josh is right; paint the writing and it won't wear off down in the crevasse. Good IBLE!


    2 years ago


    Great idea: I can't tell you how many tools of mine that just come up shall we say missing? Pink is ever better lol. Thanks Again


    2 years ago

    what we done at the shop was use an engraver to write our name on the tools and then fill it with paint. This way we had our name on each tool and it was easy to see.

    For pain we used the same yellow marker the junk yards use to mark the auto parts.


    2 years ago

    Great idea! I've tried banding tools with colors - but it wears off. Putting colors in depressed areas makes more sense. Thanks for posting this.