Marked Card Teleportation -How Did They Do It?




Basically,this trick look really professional when performed.It will look as if you teleported the cross from one card to the other.To get an idea of what its all about,watch the video.If you still don't understand, proceed to the next step.You can perform it in the next 1 minute!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

1)You will need to have 2 identical cards,for mine I used 5 of diamonds.

2)You also need a marker to draw the cross in advance.

3)A deck of card(make sure you have a full deck)

The next step will explain the preparation before hand

Step 2: Preparation

Mark one of the identical card.Make sure you mark on one side of the card,either left or right.Mark on both side of the card(back and front) and make sure its on the same side.(this will help in the performance,it will seems like it teleported through the card)

Get the full deck on your hand,place the marked card on top,followed by the other identical card.So you are now ready to perform.

Step 3: Performance

Do a double lift and show that it has a marking.Then put the card back to the deck.Do some action as to show the audience that you are going to teleport just the cross, to the bottom card(rubbing,clapping)

Now,do a single lift and you will see the cross on the back of the second card.

Once again see the video,you will get a good idea from there.Its better to visualise from the video.




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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Too easy. everybody knows it. Now sombody should post how to do some flourishes with dice.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah real easy. Flourishes with dice!? Sweet! I have already been working on an instructable for that! I better get that instructable up soon then.


    lol, i looked at the video and instantly (b4 the show how to's) knew how this was done, not a really good trick, but a good starter 1

    1 reply

    Yeah, same here. I think if I did this, it would instantly be recognized. Maybe I've just learned too many card tricks and was already expecting it.