Marking Gauge


Introduction: Marking Gauge

This is a marking gauge made with wood and alumni. I haven't put the blade on the top. and also i think the twist buttons are too big. so i would improve on the next...

Step 1: Make the Shape on a Wood Lathe

Shape a wood block, i didn't take pic because too much dust at that time. and cut 2 pieces of alumni plate stick on the wood with epoxy.

Step 2: Advanced Step

Use files, sand papers. inside the wood is a 8*6 copper pipe.

Step 3: Almost Finish

Drill 2 holes then. insert the copper nuts and then make 2 wood buttons with screw for lock the stainless steel stick.



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    4 Discussions

    Hello! I have been looking for ways to build me one and thanks to you I will be able to do! No clutch I have a question ... The first screw is to move the slide, but what is the purpose of the second? In advance thank you friend!

    1 reply

    Hi, I would like to answer that 1 screw is enough but i still made the second for backup. Actually 1 is enough.

    The finished product looks lovely, but after reading the instructable, I still have no idea what it is. What is the "marking guage" used for?

    1 reply

    Hi, thanks. the marking gauge is a line tool for wood working, it can mark out lines on wood with blade(I haven't installed or you can use a pin instead). The factory products usually have measure on the steel stick. You can mark a line parallel to the edge of the wood by this tool.