Marshmallow Cannon




Build a Marshmallow Cannon that shoots a marshmallow around 50ft in the air,

Step 1: Materials

Stuff to make it.

2ft of 1" PVC pipe
1ft of 2" PVC pipe
One 2" cap (For bottom of cannon)
A converter to go from 2" to 1½"
Another converter to go from 1½" to 1" (They don’t sell 2" to 1")
A small can of PVC cement
A small can of PVC primer (Not required, Helps it though)
A bottle of rubbing alcohol
A bag of 1" marshmallows (make sure not jumbo or they wont fit in barrel)

Step 2: Putting It All Together

First cut all the right lengths of the PVC pipe. (1ft or 2" and 2ft of 1")
Next Prime and glue the cap and one end of the 2" PVC pipe.
Connect them and give it a little time to dry. (Like 30 seconds)
Then prime and glue the other end of the 2" PVC pipe and connect it to the primed and glued 2" to 1½" converter and let it dry.
Prime and glue the other end of the converter and connect it to the 1½" to 1" converter and let it dry.
Then prime and glue the other end of that and connect it to the 2ft, 1" PVC pipe.

Step 3: Finishing

To finish it up you need to drill a hole on the cap and drill some holes so that the marshmallow doesnt drop into the chamber.

Step 4: To Use It.

To use it you take 2 caps full of rubbing alcohol and drop it down the barrel. Then take the marshmallow and jam it down to the screws. I find that the rod from blinds works very well for jamming it down into the barrel because it is long enough. Then shake the chamber a little bit to make the alcohol spread around it. Finally take a lighter (I like to use a candle lighter because it has a long end and you won't get burnt) and put the flame by the hole to ignite it and the marshmallow should go into the air. If it did congratulations!

Be careful not to hurt yourself or others when using!!!!!!

Step 5: Video



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    11 Discussions


    1 year ago

    or it depends on how much propane u put into the chamber


    5 years ago on Introduction

    My steel pipe air cannon will shoot way farther than this.

    I'm sorry but 50 ft isn't that much. I can make a paper dart that shoots almost 70 ft with lung power. using a hole to light it isn't very safe. buy a lantern sparker so then all your doing is twisting a knob at the end of the gun. potato gun instructables might say how.

    7 replies

    In the video I got it to about 50ft. in some of my best launches I have got it to go about 2-300 ft. Good idea with the lantern sparker though. Ill probably get one and do that.

    If you use a better ammo it will go MUCH farther (I'm guessing about 200ft or more) I guess it depends what you are shooting at, but hey your igniting alchohol so you probably not going to shoot it a someone (at least I hope NOT). And wouldn't the heat release toxic fumes!?!?!?!?!?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Cars release carbon-dioxide and water no worse than the human body (although maybe in larger amounts).
    But polyvinyl chloride (pvc) on the other hand is a synthetic hydrocarbon and like most polymers in that category it releases toxic fumes in this case its chlorobenzene ( ) which is used as a pesticide!!!! In other words its meant to kills things! If the heat is enough you could end up poisoning yourself! I mean come on guys just bui;d a pneumatic marshmellow gun.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I have had more than 200ft with a marshmallow before it just depends on the launch. When I made the video I did a test before I filmed the one you see and I had the marshmallow go around 2-250 feet. I filmed 3 other ones but that was the best one i got in the ones I filmed. I didn’t have time to wait for a perfect launch but eventually I’ll film another one that was better. I have got shot by it before (frozen marshmallow in it) and it didn’t hurt one bit but anything harder than that would hurt.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice paint job... No seriously, learn to use primer or get less clumsy... Cool gun though