Marshmallow Witches



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Another easy Halloween instructable you can do!

Step 1: Materials and Method

Large marshmallow

Green chocolate wafer (chocolate melt/candy melt)

Chocolate cookies of your choices (if you can only find sandwiched cookies, just separate them!)

Hershey's kisses

Ice cream sticks (you can use lolli sticks too!)

Purple chocolate wafer (or even royal icing, ready to use icing such as Wilton's)

Dip stick into melted chocolate and insert in marshmallow

Dip marshmallow in melted green chocolate and attach cookie as the hat

Pipe a little chocolate on the hats and attach kisses (you can also dip the end of kisses on melted chocolate then attach)

Decorate the face using purple chocolate/icing

Your witches are ready :)

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