Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Step by Step




Introduction: Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes Step by Step

I had made some marshmallow flower cupcakes.

My son learned it in his home economics class,

and he was very excited and wanted to make it again, so I made it into a instructable!

This is a very fun thing, decorative and very easy to make with friends and family, or just by yourself!

This is how to "decorate" not making cupcakes from scratch, so please use anything as a base.

Cake mix, or store bought cupcakes with nothing on them will be fine!

Hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Ingredients, and the Icing Recipe

You will need:
Sugar (reasonable amount but not too much)
Marshmallow ( a bag )
Food coloring 

For the icing
2 packages (8 ounces each) of cream cheese at room temperature
8 tablespoons (or just 1 stick) of unsalted butter at room temperature
2.5 cups of confectioners' sugar , sifted

This icing is a cream cheese icing that is really good, but you don't
"have" to use the icing if you don't want to.
You can use your other frosting/icing recipes too! (My personal favorite is butter cream icing)
Also i added a little bit of yogurt to enhance the flavor.   ( completely optional)

Once you're done, lets go to the next step!

Step 2: Making the Colorful Sugar Sprinkles

Get some sugar and food coloring.
Get enough sugar to be used for the cupcake, then put the food coloring.
(Remember, one drop is all you need! )

After putting a drop, mix well with patience until 
the sugar completely mixed with the food coloring.

After making a few of these, lets go to the next step. 

Step 3: Cut the Marshmallows

This is where most people get confused.
Make sure to cut the marshmallows in a angle
Then, dip the side into sugar to make the flower petals.
After making a few of these petals , (about 30) lets decorate the cupcake.

Step 4: Decorate!

Here comes the fun part.
Frost the icing lightly on the cupcake (not too much)
and then put the petals on immediately.
The frosting not harden that fast, but it will gradually harden so don't wait too much. 

Step 5: Done!

You're done with decorating the cake! 
Enjoy the cake and have fun!

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