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This marshmallow gun (marshmallow shooter) will completely surprise you with its accuracy, range, and ease of construction. Plus, it's tons of fun and a lot better than any store-bought toy because it encourages modifications.

Marshmallow shooter kits with all PVC pieces pre-cut are available in the Instructables store!  

This project appears in print as part of Best of Instructables Volume 1.

Instructions are here for the Soda Bottle Safety Goggles.

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Step 1: Plans

Get the plans for the gun here or click on the "i" in upper left of the image to get a larger size.

(22 inches of 1/2 PVC pipe (1/2 is a the nominal diameter, its actual outer diameter is closer to 7/8 inch), 2 end caps, 2 three way junctions, and 2 elbows.)

Step 2: Cut the PVC to Length

Cut 1 length of 7 inches and 5 lengths of 3 inches.

Hacksawing is a good choice for this step; here is a How to Hacksaw tutorial.

Step 3: Assembly

Layout your pieces and assemble them. Friction should hold them all together.

Step 4: Test

Put on your safety glasses.

Point the gun in a safe direction. Load a minimarshmallow into the mouth piece, seal your lips to the mouthpiece, and give the gun a quick burst of air.

Yes, the marshmallow does go around all those curves. Pretty cool, huh?!

Keep your ammunition sealed. Dry marshmallows don't work very well.

Clean up your marshmellows when you're done. Especially, don't leave any around roads: they will attract animals to be hit by cars.

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12 years ago on Introduction

Here's a pic of my marshmallow shooter, it is compressed air powered. I think this is the simplest design you can make, for an air powered gun that is. I decided not to make an instructable on it, because there are lots of other instructables on air powered guns. And also, this design is self explanatory.

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Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

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Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

I've been trying to find a good tut on something like yours! All I could find were oversized "potato guns". Could you either post an Instructable on how to, or PM how? I think I have most of it figured out, but could you let me know what the small, black thing is on the bottom? I take that is how you fill the bottle with air. Thanks in advance! Btw, how far does this thing shoot? It's awesome.


2 years ago

And i thought marshmallow is some sort of eating stuff.

These are sooo much fun!!! My kids have hours of fun with these!! Awesome stocking stuffer


4 years ago on Introduction

I made this, my advice... take the front handle bar turn upside down, take of the end cap carefully fill with marshmallows, put end cap back on, blow if you did it right you will have a machine gun marshmallow gun


5 years ago on Introduction

I made mine a little different. It shoots a little too far for indoor fun.

This instructable is the reason I joined instructables! used the commic as plans for a cub scout project. This was a big hit!


7 years ago on Step 4

This is so fun, I just finished cutting up enough PVC for 10 'guns' for my daughters 11 th bay party. I plan to send the kids through our small park retrieving parts from strategically placed brown paper bags with clues & directions, and then making them work together to put together & assemble. I found food coloring spray to color the marshmallows for fun ( lavender & orange) and at the end when they are built, they can have a "war"! Then onto to cake & ice cream! I will let you know how it goes making the pieces found in a hunt... I think it will keep them busier the just building them .

3 replies

Hi juliblue :0) I was thinking about how much fun it would be for kids to do a "make and take" party -ahh yes 'tis true, great minds think alike.Your party sounds totally awesome! Please leave enough lead time for my invite to arrive because Snail Mail is especially slow in Canada. I assume casual attire is the way to go. Yes? ;0)


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Juliblue, Terrific ideas! What an awesome birthday party for your daughter and her buds. You sound like a great mother.


Reply 6 years ago on Step 4

very cool - that sounds like like an incredible party!

I love these Instructables! The first mini-marshmallow guns I made were an adaptation from one I read here and my youngest grandson and I have had a ball with them from the time he was a pre-schooler (he'll be eight in a couple of days). Because my husband is a veritable Renaissance Man, his toolboxes include a pipe cutter. They're not very expensive and they make very quick, easy cuts on PVC pipe. Great job on this 'ible, with neat pictures (and I don't mind the "lies"!).


6 years ago on Introduction

Hehehehe, that little boy looks so so cute with his gun. Loving this idea.