Marshmallow Handgun





Introduction: Marshmallow Handgun

make a cool mini marshmallow gun out of cheap pieces
costed me around $3-4

Step 1: Parts Needed

all the pvc pipes will need to be 1/2 in. diameter
you need:
1: 7 inch pvc pipe
1: 5 inch pvc pipe
1: 3 inch pvc pipe
1: end cap
1: 1/2 inch diameter threaded piece

optional: barrel cover
1: end cap
1: 90 degree elbow

Step 2: Arranging

arrange it like this

Step 3: Finish

you are finished !
when ready to fire remove the barrel cap if you put it on.
Then load the marshmallow in the tube where the plug barrel cap was



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    Hey just saw your questrion and i had to reply Where the 90 degree cap End is you could make a cylinder out of a coke bottle and add a Quick SNap Plug on it add a schrander valve to fill it up with Air and Your done

    looks like an uzi! if you could make it automatic (air tank hopper in handle and stuff) it would be schweet. battle dialogue: person1:hahahahaha you will never defeat me! noise:BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM person2:you shall die by my uzi!!!! noise:BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM....ssssss person2:MUWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NONE SHALL DEFEAT ME!!!!!!!!!! person1:im dead. person2:YOU DARE DEFY MY ULTIMATE POWER!?!?!?!?!!?DIE NOW!!!!!! noise:BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM.....sssss...BLAMBLAMBLAMBBLAMBLAM.....ssssss person1:blaugh...(dead) person2:MUWHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!! noise:beep beep beep beep beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep person2:OH CRAP A BOMB OH GOD OH GO..BOOOOOOOOOOOM music: dun dun dah duh dah dah-dah hum hum hum huu....(link music) scwheet make it up im doin all the work here! ilikebombs:now that i have defeated this fiend i shall save hyrule and the federation!!! somethingisayasiflyaway:FOR NINTENDO!!!!!!!!....AND....uh..uh..uuuuuhhhh...well ive run out of imagination so......yeah

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    You know, instead of the tee you put in to connect the handle, you could use a four way connecter and attach a piece of pipe to that so you could fill it with marshmellows like a hopper. Then you could just blow continuosly and have an automatice marshmellow gun.

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    i'm working on making the instructable that does just that. it uses a more traditional gun setup, but with a 2-liter bottle as the hopper. i added a little cornstarch to keep them from sticking together and to keep them from jamming up the barrel, although that does happen sometimes. you just have to shake it upsideown to fix that. real instructable for it with pictures soon to come!

    That is a great idea although it has been thought of many times before. But, since the marshmallows are a little smaller than the pipe, they get jammed and you have to take apart your gun and shake them out of your barrel. I have thought for a solution but i am yet to figure something out.

    awesome gun i tried the semi auto and yours(i liked yours better)

    yes. i agree. how to you load and fire this new-fangled marshmallow musket. deary me. i think i just coined the term "marshmallow musket" this is a moment to remember. huzzah. huzzah. okay. tha huzzahs killed it.

    Why the threaded piece? IS that even adaptable with the T connector? While the marshmallow uzi/pistol design is cool you will get much more velocity with a longer barrel. Also the end cap is entirely unnessary on the end you blow into. Just some sugestions.

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    very easy, just get a 15mm compression fit ball valve, a 15mm compression fit "T" and a 15mm compression fit tank connector and a tank to go with it (5L water bottles work great though the lid. then figure out a way to get the air into the sysem (eg a schrader valve connector that goes on the available part of the tee) but for the barrel get 15mm to 22mm compression fit adapter and make the barrel out of a couple of feet of 22mm copper pipe it should be like this:

    22mm pipe
    =======--I---T- air intake *
    converter i
    [] tank connector

    the T it the tee and the I is the ball valve.

    • (you should get a 1 way valve on here if thare isnt one on the air intake)

    sorry guys i need to change that. yes you have to put the marshmallow where the barrel cap is and blow through it sorry again.

    How does this work? As thewoodcarver I can't see or find how your marshmallows are propelled. Are you blowing (where?) or using 'fuel'?


    IS this a blow type gun ? Where if it has 2 caps on it does one get the air flow from ? I will have to look at others on here and maybe adapt a gold snuffer to shoot more then water and mud. They look like some backyard fun .