Marshmellow Launcher

Introduction: Marshmellow Launcher

Do you want a marshmellow launcher? Will your parents not buy you one? Well, heres yoour answer. You dont Know how? Well fallow these simple stepsSo why did i make this you may ask. I discovered it because i wanted to have so fun but cheap. I had all the supplies at my house. But when my teacher assigned us this project i jumped on. This is easy, fun, and cheap.

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Step 1: Supplies

Get how ever much you want. one pixi stick is needed but you can get three pixi sicks and one bag of mini marshmellows what ever you think is enough
Supplies needed FOR ONE  LAUNCHER: One bag of mini marshmellows, one pixi stick and as spongebob says IMAGINATION.

Step 2: Step One

STEP ONE: empty the pixi stick out ofter opening it though of course.

Step 3: Step Two

Then cut off the other end of the pixi stck.

Step 4: MAkeing the Projectiles Step Three

Step three Squash and roll the marshmelows a bit smaller then the tube. Then blow a bit hard and if it doesn't come out pull it out and make it smaller. I hope this helps and i hope you like this. ;)

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