Martha Stewart Crafts: Foiling

Introduction: Martha Stewart Crafts: Foiling

The Learn with Martha Foiling Kit from Martha Stewart Crafts introduces beginners to the fun craft of foiling. It provides everything you need to create beautifully foiled cards easily. You’re sure to wow anyone who receives your finished project!

What You'll Need

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Step 1: Choose a Double-sided Adhesive Artwork Sheet

Step 2: Remove Protective Backing to Reveal Adhesive

Step 3: Please Sheet Over Card, Place and Press Lightly With Your Fingers

Step 4: Rub Burnisher Firmly Over the Artwork Sheet

Step 5: Slowly Peel Back Clear Sheet

Step 6: Lay Foil Sheet Over the Design, Shiny Side Up. Press Down With Your Fingers

Step 7: Rub Carefully With the Burnisher

Step 8: Slowly Peel Off the Foil Sheet

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