Martian Hair Do

Introduction: Martian Hair Do

Want to be a Martian for Halloween but have everything ready except for your hair? Well... this hair do can be done within 10 minutes and is totally cute!

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Step 1: Buns

So the first step to having this awesome do is to make 3 tiny buns at the top of your head. One will be in the middle, the other on the side of your head, and the other on the other side of your head. Once this step is completed, move on to the next step:

Step 2: Front Braids

So the next thing you are going to want to do is create to regular braids in between the sides of the 2 buns that are by your ears.

Step 3: The Back Braid and Bringing It Together

So this step will really bring together the piece as a whole. You should have some hair left on the back of your head, go ahead and braid that into a regular braid. Then you want to add the two braids to the big braid like the picture shows:

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