"Martisor" Kids

About: Hi!! I really like challenges and handmade so here i am:). I also like childhood - this is were from i got the name of my blog (my real name is Ruxandra, or Rux - as i'm usually called:P).

These kids  represent a traditional Romanian celebration of spring and love. This occurs during the month of March and you can read some things about it here.
The tradition says that people give each other a red and white  string - simple or attached to a symbolic little thing such as a coing, a 4leaves clover, a little chimney sweeper, etc.
I've made a chimney sweeper, a young girl with a string in her hair and too little kidz dressed and having the hair in the colours of Martisor (red and white). And of course, the heart!

I've used the 2.5mm crochet, sc mostly, acryl and cotton, polyfiber (stuffing).
Hope you like them:)!

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    ar trebui sa se faca o mica, comunitate de romani aici pe instructables :) sa vada lumea ca nu suntem niste idioti, care trimit carne de cal etichetata ca fiind de vita si asa mai departe! respect oamenii care stiu sa faca lucruri frumoase cu mainile si capul lor! bafta in continuare :)

    we should make a romanian community here on instructables :) to show to other people that romanians are not idiots or some sort of humans who live in caves. i have all the respect for those folks who's using their heads and hands to create something beautiful! good luck! :)

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    Cred ca deja exista o comunitate micuta. Stiu ca au fost si premii castigate la competitii. :)

    [there is a small community here and some of the projects have also receive prizes:) - only i\m not sure we can participate in some of the competitions)

    o fi, dar ar fi frumos sa si stim unii de altii si sa avem un grup in care sa aflam fiecare de realizarile celuilalt ;)

    sure, there is a comunity, but it would be nice to know about each other between romanian users and also to have some kind of group to share our projects


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ruxandra, iti admir indemanarea si imaginatia. De asta nu duc romanii lipsa. Succes in continuare.
    Din nou Corina din Cluj

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Iti multumesc mult Corina, cred ca nu duc chiar lipsa, poate doar au uitat ce au mai de pret pe lume... si de aceea. Din fericire sunt inca oameni care ne bucura sufletul. Iar daca reusesc sa ma alatur lor prin ceea ce fac, sunt cea mai fericita.


    Ma bucur din tot sufletul ca mai vad un roman pe aici.Unulcare incearca sa ii invete pe straini sa faca traditionalele noastre martisoare.Foarte frumos din partea ta!! PROUD TO BE ROMANIAN!!!! PROUD TO BE WHITE!!!!!

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