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It's 2015 now and, if you don't have one of these jackets, you're behind the times! Here's how to make one of your own if you don't have $900 to drop on one of Mark Poon's perfect replicas.

There's still time to make one before October 21! So get to it!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

-A jacket with grey sleeves and chest pockets*

-Duck Brand Sedona Red Easy Liner 20" x 6' (1-2 rolls)

-Super glue

-Corrugated rubber matting** (1 yd is more than enough)

-Hot melt glue sticks

-Red and grey thread


-Seam ripper



-Razor blade

-Hot glue gun

-Sewing machine


-Paprika colored spray paint

*=Suggestions: Members Only jackets, Marty McFly jacket (I will be using the jacket, but the same concepts apply no matter what jacket you choose to use)

**=It is more accurate if you replace this piece with the plastic accordion part from an office chair. Corrugated rubber matting is way easier to obtain (available at Home Depot) and far cheaper, though.

Step 2: Take Apart the Jacket*

-Yeah, you heard me correctly. Start by checking the length of your jacket. Make sure it falls right at your belt line. If it is longer, you will need to trim the bottom.

-Carefully seam rip your jacket open so it is in five parts:

a. front pieces (2)

b. back

c. collar

d. sleeves(2)

e. hip band

-You will be working primarily with parts a and b.

-Discard the hip band. If your jacket has a zipper, remove and discard it as well.

*This step is not really necessary, but it will drastically improve the final appearance of your jacket. If you do not pull apart the jacket, the lines where you cut your shelf liner will be pretty obvious.

Step 3: Cut and Glue Your Shelf Liner

-Optional step: Spray paint your shelf liner a paprika color (I personally found the red shelf liner a little off, but it works for a lot of people. So, I'll leave this up to your own discretion.)

-Lay your shelf liner over the back and two front panels (parts a and b). Cut it into sheets that are just barely larger than your panels.

-Begin gluing down the shelf liner with super glue. Use a paint brush to apply the super glue evenly on the fabric. DO NOT just squirt and press, you will end up with weird air pockets and bulges. Work in small sections and press down as you go. Leave the area around the pockets unglued.

Step 4: Trim It Down

-Trim off any excess shelf liner around the edges. Use your razor blade to carefully cut a section of shelf liner out around your front pockets so you see a line of grey. Pull out the pocket cover so it lays over the red part. Glue down any portions that are still sticking up.

Step 5: Sew It Back Together

-Now that you have changed the texture of your fabric, you are ready to put it back together. Use a heavy duty needle and feed it slowly through your sewing machine. The fabric is thicker now, but it should still work. Attach all parts back the way they were except for the pieces that were previously discarded.

Step 6: Bunch It Up

-Marty's jacket bulges out like a bomber jacket. To achieve this look, you will need to bunch up the bottom edge.

-Bunch up the area around the two side seams. This will likely be too thick for your sewing machine, so you should probably use hot glue to hold the bunches together.

Step 7: Make and Attach the Hip Band

-You will now be making your own hip band. Take your corrugated rubber matting and cut it into two 5" wide strips. Super glue those two strips together into one 5" x 50"ish strip.

-Once the strip is dry, center the glued portion on the back of your jacket and fold the strip in half around the bottom edge. Hot glue the strip in place.

-Trim the edge down on the front. Leave an extra couple millimeters on the outside so you can seal it closed without the glue line showing.

-Red and yellow buttons can be added to the front for further accuracy.

Step 8: Attach the Matting to the Sleeve Cuffs

Cut the matting to the width of the cuffs already on your jacket. Hot glue it down.

Step 9: Great Scott!

You're good to go. Grab your Mattel Hover Board and your Nike Air Mags and go save your kid, Marty!

Tutorial by MEGANTRON Cosplay. For more photos and tutorials, visit:

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    I had been wanting to put a Marty outfit together for a while. I spent a ton of time on the RPF trying to figure out the best ways to make this jacket without spending a fortune. Though I did end up spending about $100 putting together the shoes... Haha.


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