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Introduction: Marvel Yarn Wall Art

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What Inspired me?

Well, like a few of my other projects this one has been Inspired by another project ive seen. I saw someone make a dead pool Yarn work thing with nails, wood and yarn and absolutely loved it. So if youre that person who made it, youre seriously amazing! Please comment so I can tell you!! Anyway, I decided to make something like it but use the Avengers.

What will you need?

- Black yarn

- White yarn

- 50mm Nails

- A hammer

- A jig saw, circular saw, band saw or panel saw

- A ruler or measuring tape

- Sand paper and a file

- Ply wood (I used 10mm)

- Pen or pencil

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Step 1: Mark Out the Ply Wood

Step one - Mark out the ply wood

Grab your ply and place it down onto an even surface. Draw a rectangle that is exactly 300mm by 500mm. This will be the main back board. Remember to use a tri square to get 90 degree angles.

Feel free to make it bigger but not any smaller. You can draw a range of shapes exterior to the rectangle.

Step 2: Cut the Ply Wood

Step two - Cut the ply wood

Place the ply wood onto a cutting surface such as a work mate. When this is secure you can add clamps to ensure the wood will not move.

When the ply wood is secure, use the tape or ruler to check the measurements one last time. Place the saw on the line you wish to cut. Feel free to use either the jig saw or panel. I used a panel as its much better. It allows the user to ensure the lines cut are straight as you cannot cut curves with the panel saw.

Step 3: Sand and File the Ply Wood

Step three - Sand and file the ply wood

Because no cut is perfect, you now need to uses and paper to get rid of burs. Burs are little bits of splintered wood where you have cut. The Burs cause splinters and can injure you.

On top of this, sanding the surfaces allow you to erase possible marks onto of the ply wood. It also allows you to get a much smoother finish so if you were to paint it, the wood will look much better.

Step 4: Draw the Avengers Logo

Step four - Draw the Avengers logo

Either print out a Logo you wish to use or draw one out yourself. As I mentioned I chose the Avengers logo. No reason just came to me. I began to lightly sketch the logo onto the surface I plan to use. When this was done and I was happy with the logo, I used a broad marker to outline my logo. This made it easier to see the logo.

Step 5: Add the Nails

Step five - Add the nails

Adding the nails is actually quite easy. However, if you have never used a hammer before, ask a family member or friend to complete this step as it can be considered as dangerous as the hammer Can be heavy and if you hit your fingers it will definitely injure you.

Place the nail on the black line and strike repeatedly until the nail is about 1cm inside the wood. Complete this step until you have applied nails to the black line. Leave about 2-3cm between each nail.

Step 6: Add the Black Yarn

Step six - Add the black yarn

Unravel about a metre of the black yarn and then tie the end of the yarn to your starting nail. Look at mine if you arnt sure. When this is done, begin to tie the yarn around the nails into a mass of yarn, try to fill all of the spaces. A tip would be after you complete a layer, and its difficult to add yarn to the nails, use your fingers to push the yard down on each nail. This will let you add more layers.

When the entire black part has been covered in yard tie the yard onto the closest nail and use your scissors to snip of the ends.

Step 7: Add the White Yarn

Step seven - Add the white yarn

Once the black yarn has been completed. Its time to use the white yarn. Complete the sixth step with the white yarn. Tie the yarn onto the closest nail and begin to weave the yarn between the nails. Remember if you arnt sure to either look at the pictures or ask in the comments.

When this is done you have finished!!!

Step 8: Finished!


Well done! You have complete this project. I know this project is s bit time consuming but you really can do anything with this. Use bolder colours, shapes and styles to complete personalised products such as names or messages. I really hope you have enjoyed this instructable. Please follow and favourite this for more projects like this!

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    3 years ago

    That's pretty cool, and simple to make !