Marvelous Mummies

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These yummy treats are a cross between hotdogs and pigs in a


They are fun for all ages.

Step 1: What You Will Need:


+ 1 package of hot dog weenies (or you can use link sausage if you like)

+ 2 cans of crescent dinner rolls per pack of weenies

+ Mustard (or Ketchup) for the eyes

+ Baking Tray

+ A knife (optional)

+ Pot holder



Step 2: Wrapping the Mummy Bandages

1) Pull the crescent roll dough into one long strip, tearing if


2) Begin wrapping around the hot dog weenie, but leave a thumb sized hole uncovered on one side.

3) Wrap the strip until everything but the hole at the top is covered.

4) If the dough doesn’t look enough like ‘Mummy’ bandages then use a knife to make light indentions up and down the front of the ‘Mummy’

6) Bake 350 for 8 -10 minutes. (Mine took closer to 15 minutes to brown)

Step 3: Adding the Eyes

1) Pore a small amount of mustard (or ketchup) into a small dish.

2) Using the Q-tips, twirl it in the mustard and use the mustard q-tip to add two ‘Mummy’ eyes.

Place your Mummies on plates and serve.

Guaranteed to be a favorite at any Halloween party.



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    2 years ago

    my mom made these before but they werent mummies,they are good