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Like most people I like to try to find ways to reuse items around the house that might be on the way to the trash can. For x-mas I decided that I would make a custom ornament out of an old one for my wife. I went with Marvin because that's been a life long favorite of hers and I just knew she would love it when finished. Not only that but it could be used on the tree or on the rear-view mirror in the car.

Supplies Used:
Blue X-Mas Ornament
Clay Tools
X-Acto Knife with New Blades (BE CAREFUL!!!)
Acrylic Paints
Super Glue

The first thing I did was scour the internet looking for the right pose of Marvin that I had in mind of him posing with his flag. I then had decided that I wanted him to stand on the planet and have his ship on the other side to counterbalance him on there. So I had to now search for detailed pics of his

To allow a little time for paint to dry I then painted the blue ornament to look like a planet. Once finished I proceeded to the figures.

Once all the details of Marvin and his ship were found I then made a sort of puzzle of bits of sculpey and threw them in the oven. When they were done (about 15 minutes later) I let them cool just a bit and starting fitting them together and after about an hour of sanding, cutting, re-fitting and gluing my fingers together I finally ended up with Marvin holding his Martian Flag and his Spaceship which stand about 3/4 to 1 inch tall.

After a bit of painting and gluing I got it all put together and got them glued onto "planet -x". I finally revealed to my wife what I had been working on and she absolutely loved it. (Or so I think/ :P )

If you decide to do something like this I would LOVE to see pics of what ever you come up with. Thanks for looking!

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    How to Draw Marvin the Martian:


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    Hi, this looks really cool, but you should use the picture of your final product as first picture, to get a better thumbnail.

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    Thank you very much :) I thought I had that last pic set as the cover pic but I guess not. I've got that fixed. Thank you for pointing that out!