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Step 1:

Is it true mascara is made of bat manure? The truth is, it is not. Back in the old days it was. Mascara was used thousands of years ago to darken your eye lashes. Now in days mascara is made out of pigments, minerals, and other materials.

Step 2:

So, now that you know the truth, how is mascara properly used? It is proven if you wear your mascara overnight, you are more likely to get an eye infection, and your eye is more likely to get irritated and inflamed.

Step 3:

Mascara is being produced all over the world in big name brands like maybelline, cover girl, elf, and many more brands. While you buy mascara from big name brands, you are wasting money. You have most likely thought of buying mascara from the dollar store, but do you trust it? Actually, dollar store brands are some what reliable. I buy from dollar stores like, family dollar, dollar general,
And dollar tree. They all work like a charm, and for only a dollar or two! So , next time you reach for a tube of brand name mascara, think, is it worth it?

Step 4:

There are many ways to wear mascara, and many ages that wear mascara. How old where you when you first put on mascara? It is bad for a child under the age of 12 to wear mascara, almost on a daily basis.

Step 5:

From waterproof mascara to long lash and long wear, mascara is everywhere, including in the back of your closet. How old is that? Mascara isn't good after it has been around for 7 months, throw it out if it is over 7 months old. If your mascara has been opened and is dry and clumpy, try adding a bit of petroleum jelly and water, to save you money. :)

Step 6:

When taking off mascara use makeup remover. Don't buy dollar store remover though, it doesn't work. Always make sure you don't rub or pull your eye too much. It is proven to give you wrinkles early in life, and especially later in life.

Step 7:

Hope you learned a couple things about mascara, and enjoyed my tips. Thanks for viewing. Comment and favorite please! :)



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