How to Mash-up Your Toys With Lego and Sugru!




Introduction: How to Mash-up Your Toys With Lego and Sugru!

About: The team behind Sugru, the mouldable glue that makes fixing and making easy and fun. Do-ers of the world it's time to get excited.

Reinvent and reimagine your toys to make crazy and hilarious mash-ups! 

We've shown you the great things that lego and sugru can do before - allowing you to combine your toys together - but we've been playing some more and now we've come up with a way of completely reinventing and combining your toys!

The joy of using lego is you can keep making weird combinations - so you will never tire of your toys!

sugru is great for this because:

- it sticks to almost anything from moshi monsters to spiderman!

- its strong and durable

Please take note that sugru is not suitable for children in its uncured form - but as soon as it's cured - its ready for playtime!

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this project you will need:
sugru (the no. of minipacks depends on how many toys!) - You can buy some here
A hacksaw
Tissue/ toilet paper
A selection of lego bricks (the slimmer the better)
some cool toys

In this picture, we've got some of the lego bricks we've been using. We especially like the swivelling lego brick as the toy can move even more!

Step 2: Give New Life!

Next up, take your toys and saw off limbs/heads/tails/torsos/feet etc.

Don't think of it as killing your toys but as giving them new life!

Step 3: Applying the Sugru

Cut open a minipack of sugru and tear off a small piece. Knead it in your hands for 30 seconds to get it warmed up.

Next, roll it into a sausage and stick it to the bottom of the lego and then sculpt it into a pyramid shape.

A pyramid shape allows the sugru the best possible even spread when it's pressed onto the toy.

Press the lego brick down onto the limb/torso etc.

Leave him to cure for 24 hours. (He's had a busy day!)

Step 4: Applying the Sugru Some More...

In much the same way as before, knead, apply and sculpt the sugru.

Be careful about which side you stick the sugru on - it all depends on what sort of combinations you want to make. Here we are sticking sugru on top so the head can connect with it.

Push the lego/sugru brick onto the body of the toy. Make sure the lego is evenly placed and level.

Leave him to cure for 24 hours too.

Step 5: Another Toy...

Next up, we are modifying this wrestling toy. He's hollow inside so stuff this toy with tissue/ toilet paper so sugru has a bigger surface area to bond to.

Smear sugru over the surface you want to put the sugru on.

Knead, apply and sculpt the sugru onto a lego brick and then push it onto this toy's body.

Using more sugru, build up the areas around the brick for an extra strong bond. You can do this by using the excess sugru from the sides or by making small sausages, applying it to the sides and then rolling your finger over it for an extra smooth finish.

Leave this to cure for 24 hours.

Step 6: Wrestling/ninja Turtle Combo

24 hours later, the sugru has cured and your new toys are ready to go!

Swap and play around with your new toy parts...

Step 7: Moshi:turtle Boy

...the only limit is your imagination!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    you saw toy story didn't you ;) lol nice instruc !


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm fairly sure this is exactly what happend in Toy Story, so I advise you stop before they start a union and plan to overthrow you.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Does anyone else have a flashback to the first Toy Story movie?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    So funny :)))
    I really like the twisted barbie