Mashed Potatoes

Introduction: Mashed Potatoes

You will need potatoes, water, salt, garlic salt, butter, milk, potato peeler, knife, bowl, pot, and a mixer.

Step 1: Washing

First, you will need to wash off the dirt off of the potatoes. Do this by rubbing them under the faucet.

Step 2: Peeling

After they are washed, you will start peeling the potatoes with the potato peeler. You want to make sure there is not any skin or bruises on the potatoes.

Step 3: Dicing

You will then, cut the potatoes into quarters. Then you will dice them into small pieces (1/2").

Step 4: Adding

You will then add water into the pot. Once the pot is about half full, add the potatoes. Once the potatoes are on the stove, add the salt. No certain amount of salt.

Step 5: Boiling

Once you add the salt, you will put the stove burner on high. You will wait for it to boil. Once it started boiling, I put a real wooden spoon across the top of the pot so it would not overflow. Allow to boil until potatoes are nice and tender.

Step 6: Straining

Once the potatoes are tender, you will strain the water out into the strainer. Be careful steam is very hot.

Step 7: Mixing

Dump the strainer full of potatoes into a mixing bowl. You will put a stick of butter on top. You will then add a dash of milk right before mixing. Right before you're finished with mixing, add about a tablespoon of garlic salt. Then mix that in and you should have a great side of mashed potatoes.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Seems to be some steps missing, if you peel your spuds you don't need to obsess so hard about getting every little bit of dirt off the peels (peelings go to the compost bin, OK?). I prefer to hand mash or rice the cooked spuds but the hand mixer is OK, just don't over whip or you get glue. And add a bit of butter and milk/half and half/cream unless your wife is lactose intolerant, then chicken stock or even a little of the potato water will make whipping/mashing easier, adding roasted garlic or fresh chives is nice, too. Just don't overdo the liquid or the beating.


    4 years ago

    Sorry but I must call you on the use a hand mixer. This leaves the potatoes with a gelatinous texture like poi. Mashed potatoes should only be mashed with a potato masher to preserve the texture of the Russet potato. Even better it should be coarsely mashed so there are still small chunks of un-mashed potato.