Mask Display

Introduction: Mask Display

Building an inexpensive display for masks.
by Alyssa, owner and head cow folder at Ravenwood Masks

You can make this with TechShop tools!

Displaying masks is a challenge. They don’t hang well on a wall or peg board. Wig head displays are cumbersome if you are travelling to vend at an art show.
Here is a mask display I made in 2011 out of PVP pipe and wire. I used it at the Brewery Artists' Colony Artwalks and tours and at the 2011 Anime Fest Artists' Alley. 
I’m still working on a better design but this got the job done. It was inexpensive and somewhat portable. It gave me the ability to display more masks in a smaller space.

Materials Needed
2’ x 2’ plywood board
14 gauge wire – I used green plastic coated steel wire for clotheslines
6- 3/4” threaded PVP pipes of various lengths
6- 3/4” metal bases for pipe
1 drywall sponge cut into 4 strips
Plastic Primer – I used Sculptural Arts “tough and white metal primer”
Gold acrylic paint – I used Jacquard Lumiere
Green/gold paint – I used Jacquard Lumiere Halo Green Gold

A. With the strips of sponge paint the board, metal bases and PVC pipes. Allow paint to dry between each coat.
1. Primer
2. Gold
3. Green/Gold – this patina makes the color coordinate well with the green wire

B. Drill holes into the pipe with a 1/2" drill bit. Space about 3” apart.  Angle the drill bit on a diagonal towards the bottom of the pipe. You do not want to drill through to the back of the pipe. Angling the cut also makes the wire go in easier.

C. Drill the metal bases into the board where you want the pipes to be.

D. Cut the wire to 3’ lengths. As many pieces of wire as you drilled holes for.

E. Shape the wire. Refer to the photo to see the shape:
1. Bend the wire in half. Crimp the bend tightly so it will fit into your drilled holes.
2.  If desired, crimp the ends to give a finished look to the wire.
3. 3” from the fold bend both sides of the wire at a 45 degree angle.
4.  Bend up the tips (refer to photo.)
Each mask will require a different angle to hold them upright. Bend and reshape as needed.

F.  Insert the wire holders into the holes of the PVP pipe.

G. Screw the pipes into the holders.

You can rest your masks on top of the curve or insert the two wires through the mask’s eyeholes.

Alyssa Ravenwood is the owner of Ravenwood Masks. She is an Instructor at the Menlo Park Tech Shop.

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