Masks From Old Pants

Introduction: Masks From Old Pants

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This instructable shows how to make a mask out of pant legs from old pants.

Items you will need:
Pair of pants( wide leg or large, big enough to put over your head )
sewing machine
paint (non toxic)
fiberglass Screen Repair Patches ( find at hardware store)
x-acto knife
glue gun

other items you might need:
Laminating machine
inkjet photopapers
battery powered motor
LED lights

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Step 1: Cutting the Pant Leg(s)

Cutting in a straight line at the widest area on the pants.

Step 2: Preparing the Pant Leg

Cuff pant leg inward 1/2"  to 1"  , pin and sew to make a smooth edge and prevent fraying .

Step 3: Marking the Facial Features and Cutting the Openings

Put pant leg over your head and mark eyes, mouth and top of your head with chalk.
Use a template or salt shake etc to make circle for eye openings. You draw free hand also.and draw a mouth opening. Make sure the opening are smaller then the screen patches

Step 4: Prepare and Placing the Screen

  Paint screen patches white or any light color.  I found that the you can see your eyes more with dark colors more so if your photo is taken. Paint mouth screen red, pink or leave black.  You can blow on or use canned air to blow any excess paint off the screen from blocking the holes.  Allow to dry. 

Turn pant leg inside out and place screen over the openings. You can use a glue gun to trace around the openings or use tape to secure and sew in place.

Try it on make sure you can see properly.

Step 5: Final Touches

Now that you have your basic mask you can sew up the top . I would add an inch or two above the top where you  marked earlier with chalk before sewing the top.

Or you could draw horns or ears on top and sew and cut away extra material.

Step 6: Embellishments

You can paint irises and pupils  free hand or make stencil as I did. Same for the teeth.
You can also print facial features and laminate to add more character, I use photos of my own feature.
I used double sides tape to attach the features. Use Sculpy or paper clay to make a nose.

Other cool things you can do:

Preparation - Cuff the top as you did in Step 2.

1. Use bubble wrap to make a brain - trim top to your liking leave open and push bubble wrap from the bottom to the top . Use hot glue gun to attach. I used LED light underneath the bubble wrap.

2. Put a small battery powered motor on top - Cut a piece of cardboard in a circle the size on the opening on top, push close to the top as possible and attach with glue gun. Cut a hole in cardboard the size of the motor, glue in place, connect small battery pack and cut out a hole for a switch (on top or on the back of the mask).  I make a drill out of cardboard for this one. (just a cone with a spiral around it).

3. Make features using cardboard and paint  , It's the easiest way :-)

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    4 years ago

    You saved me! awesome and creative. never would of thought of this. thanks


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Dude these are AWESOME. I have to try this. I probably won't get many trick or treaters after this, but... :-)