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Introduction: Mason Jar Collage Organizers

About: I love making my home look great, and be functional at the same time. My projects mainly have to do with Mason Jars, but I love other practical, home decor projects.

Having toothbrush troubles? Finding that you never know who's tooth brush is who's? I now bring you the solution. Make a custom Mason Jar Organizer for each member of your family. And best of all, you only need a few basic supplies you can find in your home.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials and Set Up Your Space

You will need to gather the following items.

  • Decoupage
  • Mason Jar
  • Magazine

And the following tools may come in handy.

  • Paintbrush
  • Paper or Cardboard to lay down
  • Scissors

Cut out a page of the magazine that you want to use for the collage. Cut up the page into different shapes, and lay them next to the jar. Open up the Decoupage and dip the brush into it. Put the jar on your cardboard or paper. Now you are ready to make your jar!

Step 2: Collage on the Jar

Cover the jar in a thin layer of the Decoupage. Stick the magazine squares onto the jar, and make sure to overlap them, for a better finishing look. When you have covered the whole jar, besides the bottom, brush on a top coat of Decoupage, over the paper, and the bottom of the jar. Let the jar sit for about two hours, before placing your toothbrush and toothpaste inside. Always be sure to dry off your toothbrush before placing it in the jar. The water could cause the paper and Decoupage to wrinkle, or even peel off.

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    2 years ago

    Thanks Swansong! The best part about it is how personalized it can be. If anyone did this project, could you post your pictures?


    2 years ago

    Those are a cute decor idea :)