Mason Jar Fire Starting Kit

Here is my version of the of a fire starting kit, you will need . . . 
lighter, Mason Jar, Tree Twigs, tea candle, Wood Chippings, and a paper towel

Step 1:

First take your paper towel and add the wood chippings to it.

Step 2:

Then put the twigs you gathered on top of the wood chipping.

Step 3:

You are now going to make a burning bundle sushi roll. Roll these into a roll.

Step 4:

Tie both ends with any string you can find.

Step 5:

You then gather all the supplies you have and put them in the Mason jar. This is easy to store in your hiking bag to take with you on a camping trip. You use the tea candle to put under this bundle and burn. You light the candle with the lighter. Using the candle allows for a longer lasting starting fire and a quicker fire. You can use the Mason jar to boil something in and drink and eat out of it.



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    5 years ago

    A couple of easy things you could add to this bundle to make it burn longer and hotter and are easy to procure are chunks of pitch and ( don't laugh at this ) but a couple of corn chips. There is a lot of oils in the chip and will allow a more sustainable flame. I once had only a couple of corn chips in my pocket and lit one on fire and it definately burned long enough and hot enough to get a good fire going.

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