Mason Jar Pincushions!




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Mason Jar Pincushions!

Make an adorable and totally functional pincushion jar!

Perfect for filling with all kinds of sewing paraphernalia!

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Step 1: Supplies!

You will need:

Ball Mason Jars...1/2 pint size Elite collection...wide mouth!

They are so cute because they are so squatty!

Best place I found to buy them was TARGET.

Okay, any mason jar will work!

And it's just changing up the you could mix it up later!

You will also need:

cork, scissors, hot glue/gun, jars, cotton stuffing, black paper and cute fabric.

Step 2: Cork.

Cut a piece of cork to fit inside the top of the sealing lid.
The cork is the real VIP of this project. It will give your pins something to grip into and

hold them in place. Just cotton will not make a great pincushion.

Hot glue it in place.
(disregard the horrible chippy nails...)

Notice the cork fits inside with a 1/4" border...this is important.

Step 3: Stuff.

Next cut a circle of fabric...about 7 inches or so...about an inch or 1 1/2 inch bigger than the lid.

Get a big ball of cotton stuffing and pack it tight...

Place the cotton on the wrong side of the fabric circle.

Then press the corked side of the lid on the cotton...

Step 4: Glue.

Now, hot glue.
Don't put any hot glue on the red sealing part of the ring...

it will be too fat to close back into your jar.

So, glue on the white part...just add glue and fold over the fabric tightly.

Repeat on all four sides before going around the entire lid...this will keep the tension on the fabric.

Just tack it in place, then fill in and fold all the fabric down.

Step 5: Circle.

Next, cut a circle of black paper to fit on the lid...I guess it could

be any color of paper...but I would avoid white.

Glue it down all over the backside to cover all the tucked fabric.


Now add the ring...

And twist it back on the jar!

Step 6: Stick and Fill!

Instant pincushion perfection!

Fill with sewing supplies, buttons, snipping scissors, needles, thread, cloth measuring tape, etc!

Great gift idea or stocking stuffer for a sewer or crafty person!

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3 years ago

Oh, you are sweet. The contest is over...I won a prize too! Thanks so much! These are fun to make and great gifts! I use my pincushion all the time!


4 years ago

Made 6 for Christmas presents using thick corrugated cardboard instead of cork and charm squares . Worked well and look brilliant.

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Reply 4 years ago

Why didn't I think of cardboard?! Lol I was having a hard time finding cork til my husband saved the day! Now they are done and adorable!!


4 years ago

What a great idea! Would work with a beginning crosstitch project.

1 reply

4 years ago

This is awesome! I borrowed a friends sewing kit and I am going to make this for her, and return her kit inside. :-)

1 reply