Mason Jar Pumpkins for Halloween

Introduction: Mason Jar Pumpkins for Halloween

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Step 1: Mason Jars

Any size mason jars will do. I'm using 1L mason jars but any size will do!

Step 2: Glass Markers

I used orange and purple glass markers. You can purchase them at any craft store. I got mine from Michael's.

Step 3: Orange Glass Marker

I painted down the length of the jar with my orange glass marker. Making stripes gives it the same effect as a real pumpkin. Try to make the lines as transparent as possible. Don't worry if you miss spots, just go back and fill them in.

Step 4: Purple Glass Marker

Now it's time to get creative! It's up to you to draw your pumpkins face. Just make sure that your orange marker has dried first! It doesn't take long (a minute or so!).

Step 5: Tealight

Last, but not least, place a battery operated tea light into your pumpkin! Voila! Now you're on your way to have fun for Halloween!

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