Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Introduction: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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This is a cool project to make using a mason jar. I had one laying around that I used other wise they are pretty cheap at the store. Theres all types and sizes of jars. You want the stem of the soap dispenser to go to the bottom of the jar but not to long. You can always trim a longer soap stem to size. I made this cause the plastic soap dispenser I using ran out. I took the top part off to use. Other than that you need a few tools to cut the lid. Decorating the jar is a cool feature to add. Also painting the lid is an option too. This is a good way to buy in bulk to save money. Theses look cool in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere you would put a soap dispenser.

Hand soap to fill it

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

mason jar

mason jar lid

soap dispenser


drill bit




Step 2: Cut Lid

Cutting the lids of mason jars can be kinda tricky but it's not to hard. There are a few different way to cut the lid. I used a drill and a 1 1/4 inch drill bit. The size of bit will be determined by the size of your soap dispensor. Make sure that there is enough room for the edge of the soap dispensor to sit onto of the mason jar lid. Once you know what size you want your hole take your lid and clamp it down to something so that the lid doesn't spin and get ruined. Make you center the hole. Drill all the way threw the lid with presser. This should leave you with a hole with some ruff edges that can be filed down. Remember you don't want the hole to small or to big you don't want the dispensor sliding off.

Step 3: File Lid, Attach Dispensor

After drilling a hole in the mason jar lid it most likely has some sharp edges in the hole.Take a metal file to sand down the edges. They make metal files that are curved to make it easier to fill down the ruff edges. Filing them is pretty straight forward Fill it up and down. This can leave some sharp pieces make sure to throw them away after filing. Also rinse out the jar before adding soap. This is where you can paint the mason jar lid or paint the jar itself. I didn't paint this yet I probably will. in the future.Push the soap dispenser threw the hole hopefully the dispenser is snug. Make sure to push threw from the top side.Add the soap to the mason jar.

Step 4: Final

Once you have soap in the jar make sure you have the of the soap dispenser stem the length you want. screw on the lid. it might take a few pumps to get the soap to dispense but it should work just as any other soap dispenser would. I find these are great for bathroom and kitchens. Mason jars can also be mounted on wall which could be cool if you have a stop to mount your soap dispenser to clear room on your sink.

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