Mason Jars

Introduction: Mason Jars

Learn how to make beautiful mason jars! If you put a tealight in it during the summer outside, you will have beauty

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Step 1: Gather

Gather supplies. You will need
*a pastel acrylic paint
*any size Mason jar
*paper plate
*paint brush
*optional, get a sparkly acrylic paint

Step 2: Paint

Squeeze a desirable amount of the pastel paint and paint the outside of you jar. Use only one stroke: vertical or horizontal

Step 3: The Lid

when painting the lid use horizontal strokes

Step 4: Glitter Paint

Paint roughly one-third of the bottom of the jar with glitter paint. You may need to do additional layers of paint. I did not do this so sorry for the lack of pictures.

Step 5: Rustic

If you want a rusric or barn like fell, use the end of your paint brush and scratch off paint.

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