Mass Effect Resin Cosplay Bracelet

Intro: Mass Effect Resin Cosplay Bracelet

Hi all! In this tutorial, you will be shown how to create your very own Mass Effect cosplay resin bracelet. While Mass Effect is the theme of this video/bracelet, you can use any theme that you wish for your bracelet. You can also use this same method to create earrings, pendants, rings, buttons, etc. The sky is the limit! Thanks for watching and happy crafting!

Music is credited to Bioware and EA Games
Song 1: Leaving Earth (Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack)
Song 2: Das Malefitz (Mass Effect 3 Soundtrack)

Materials Used:
* Empty bezel bracelet (found at Hobby Lobby)
* 1:1 Epoxy resin.
* Background paper cut outs (images found online)
* Stir sticks and mixing cups for resin (found online or at local craft stores)
* BBQ lighters (found at local retail store)
* Mod Podge in gloss (found at craft store)
* Black acrylic paint (found at craft store)
* Paint brushes (found at craft store)
* Windex and paper towel for clean up (found at local retail store)

Step 1: Watch the Full Video Tutorial

Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!!



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