Mass Production of Unknown Industrial Parts

Introduction: Mass Production of Unknown Industrial Parts


Hello friends

as you know. Using a 3D printer device is very useful for making plastic parts. Plastics are often made of: ABS-PLA Are.

But do you ever have You have thought about this: Using a 3D printer for molding and mass production of parts

Actually This is the case. Using software such as: Software used in this project: CINEMA4D

Step 1:

Step 2: CINEMA4D

Software CINEMA4D

Step 3:

What we are looking for:

Using a 3D printer for mold design And finally, the 3D output is done by the cube program.

Step 4:


You can do this by gypsum molding. Use the following materials inside the template:

Epoxy ResinFiberglass

Thank you for giving me your time.


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