Massage Me Custom Cable and Plug

Introduction: Massage Me Custom Cable and Plug

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Step 1: What You Need...

- 14 pin plug (female and male)
- 14 flat cable 1.5m (depends on how long you want to make it)
- Silicon (here I used Dragon Skin)
- Plaster to make negative (Kara quick)
- Clay to model the positive shape to take negative

Step 2: Wire the Cable

Wire the 14 pin flat cable to the male 14 pin plug as shown in the pin configuration. When finished soldering, use hot iron to protect the connection.

Step 3: Dip the Wired Plug Part Into Silicon

To make the gummy plug, we used silicon. First model the desired plug shape with clay and take the negative shape of it with plaster (sorry I do not have a picture of this part). Then place the wired plug into the negative and pour the silicon. I used a silicon called "Dragon Skin". This silicon is used for making masks. It is a 2 component 1:1 silicon, which is easy to use and gives a nice soft and gummy result.

Step 4: Cover the Cable

After the silicon has cured, take it out of the negative. We covered the flat cable part with the excess jursey material that came off the neoprene sheet but you can use any other kind of cloth We covered the silicon plug with neoprene (see last step of Massage me Jacket by tightly sewing the neoprene together. Use glue between silicon and neoprene to keep it from sliding out.

Step 5: Connect the Other End to the Controller Box

Insert the other end of the 14 wire flat cable into the casing box of the controller. ( see Massage me Gamepad hack for how to make controller box). Inside the box, connect the end of the flat cable to the female 14 pin plug as shown in the pin configuration. Close it.

Step 6: That's It!

That's it, now you have a cable that connects Massage me Jacket to the Massage me Gamepad hack controller box.


Please also visit and videos at Massage me on YouTube

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    4 Discussions


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Is there a school where you can learn to make things like that :P


    cool, but where the fk do you get dragon skin silicon :-| (iv been trying to find some for 2 years) and how cheap is it (like to make a gallon or so finished product?)


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Actually Mika ordered the silicon and I don't know where from, but she can post it soon. I've found this website that lists distributors