Introduction: Massivity

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This is my knex Anti Material Rifle, Massivity, it's a huge and heavy beast of a gun model!
comming in at more then 3feet(1m and 4,5 cm) this beast is my biggest gun to date!
-real bi-pod and 4x20 scope
-removeable magazine
-comfy cheekrest
-small rail for knex optics
-rail for grips, bi-pods etc
-sturdy and comfy stock
-fold-up back-up iron sights
-comfy pistolgrip
if you have any questions please ask in the comments below and have a nice day!



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    it was pretty big imo, it was pretty heavy to and it ate up most of my useable parts(greenrods, connectors white rods)
    but thanks :^)

    by the way:
    some images are missing because the instructables app couldn't upload like a propper app should and broke the images

    also it would be imposible to make this thing fire, without making a costum rod or killing it's appearance

    I tried with Comunism but it failed, just not my thing man but thanks

    Cool gun but the filters make it a little hard to see and the extended barrel looks a little flimsy but again cool gun and nice stock

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