Mastika Bottle CoffeTable




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Very easy and cheap table

I used that materials: 10cm x 1m x 20 mm pine wood 12 pieces, sufficently screw and nail, rustic oak gloss and shiny gloss, four piece glass bottle, and fake flowers.

And necesary electrical tools : drill, jigsaw, angle grinder (for sanding), handsaw,

Construction : I sanded all wood with angle grinder ( when using angle grinder please wear work gloves), next equalized length of wood and assembled all part and polished.




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    mselPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Not only glass bottle I used turnbuckle ( I dont know english name (: ) for to hold together top side and bottom side, the glass bottles function is like a leg and pretty strong because of bottles glass is very thick, If you want you can sit over for test :)